Zali Adams

Zali is an outstanding young lady. An all round talented Student Athlete. Destined for great things on and off the Diamond. To begin recruitment dialogue with Zali, please email Ash on or call +1-561-231-3738

Introduction from Zali: I started playing softball at 7 years old, and now, I simply couldn’t imagine my life without it! The opportunity to combine my academic studies and sporting talent at a College in the United States would be an absolute dream come true and something that I am committed to doing, and doing well. My previous experiences, motivation and work ethic will make me an asset to any college, team, community and family!

Date of Birth: 26th September 2002
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 140lbs
Citizenship: Australian

High School Principal Reference
Bel White (VC) Aussie Spirit Reference
Morgan Young – Strength & Conditioning

Video Highlights:
Zali #41 pitching for South Australia at the U17 Australian National Championships

Teams Represented & Achievements:
2020 – U18 South Australian Softball Team
2019 – U19 South Australian Softball Team
2019 – U17 Australian Softball Team
2019 – U17 South Australia Softball Team
2019 – Senior A Grade, Sturt Falcons B&F
2019 – Senior A Grade, Adelaide Competition, Rookie of the Year
2019 – Softball SA Junior Female Athlete of the Year
2019 – Port Pirie Sporting Association Sportsperson of the Month (June)
2018 – U16 Australia Diamonds Softball Team
2018 – U17 South Australia Softball Team
2018 – U17 South Australia Secondary Schools Softball Team
2018 – Port Pirie Sporting Association Junior Sportsperson of the Year
2018 – Port Pirie Sporting Association Sportsperson of the Month (October)
2017 – Senior A Grade, Runner Up B&F Port Pirie Softball Association (only 6 games)
2017 – U15 South Australia Softball Team
2016 – U15 South Australia Softball Team
2014 – U12 South Australia Softball Team

NCAA ID: Coming Soon..
High School: John Pirie Secondary School, South Australia
College Class: 2021
GPA: 3.25
SAT: Coming Soon..

High School Grades completed for Year 11 in 2019:
Biology – B
Chemistry – B
English – A
Maths Methods – B
Research Project – A
Sport & Recreation – A

College Goals: My ambition is to gain a high level Scholarship and make a positive and productive impact not just on my team but the entire College community. For me, to be able to combine Softball with my study would be an experience of a life time and something that I would not take for granted. I will give 110% on the diamond working hard towards becoming an integral player of the team, whilst also giving 110% to my studies so I can achieve the highest grades I can.

Life Goals: Initially, my goal is too successfully start earning my degree whilst playing softball in a US College. My sporting ambition is to play softball for my country at senior level, whilst also maintaining a rewarding career in teaching.

Why do you want to compete at College in the USA? I want to compete against the best and develop my skills further under highly skilled coaching staff. After traveling to Mankato with the U17 Australian squad and visiting NCAA D1 & D3 Colleges, it enlightened me to the College system and all the benefits of competing within it, both academically and athletically.

What makes you different? Coming from the country and being isolated from the Softball community, I have had to maintain my own work ethic, develop strong resilience and self discipline which has allowed me to perform at the highest level and become a fierce competitor. Since I was 12 years old, I have travelled hundreds of miles each week all year round to play the game I love and I have been able to do this and still play under pressure and perform at my best. I have also been fortunate enough at such a young age to travel the world (including the USA) playing Softball, experiencing new cultures and meeting many new friends. From these experiences I have become culturally aware, empathetic, understanding and approachable. All these unique attributes help me to be a positive, contributing and competitive member of any team environment