Team America


Ash Smith, Founder & CEO
(561) 838-6129
Demonstrates exemplary patience in leadership. Inspired by his older brothers NJCAA & NCAA DI Golf Scholarship success, Ash Founded this consulting company and has now successfully represented Athletes from 6 Continents. Resides in Florida with his Wife and has family in Missouri and London. Ash is also the Founder & President of ADO, The Athlete Eligibility Centre for The World.

Nic Wishart, General Manager
(561) 633-5993
Hardworking, humble and talented. Nic grew up in New York before moving to Florida and graduating from Palm Beach Gardens High School having been accepted into the 5-Star, Sports Management Magnet program. Nic played Football & Lacrosse attending Tallahassee Community College. Depth of experiences with major professional sporting venues, teams & players. Locally Nic was the Youth Sports program coordinator with The Village of Royal Palm Beach for six years.

Bride Kennedy-Hopoate, Senior International Recruiter
From Junior Worlds to AD Family to NCAA to Pro-Ball. Bride is an amazing role-model for the next generation aspiring to play College Sport. Bride is determined with a laser like focus on performing for her team and to uplift and inspire those around her. Bride has played Basketball for Australia U19, Iowa State University & University New Mexico (NCAA D1), Gezert El Ward (Egypt SuperLeague) & Norwood Flames (NBL1). Connect with Bride today to begin your College recruitment.

Allison C. Dankner, M.Ed., PSY.B.S.
(646) 484-9289
Kind hearted with a gentle soul, Allison has a deep background and educational training in psychology, education and mental health coaching arms her with skills needed to help teens and parents navigate life’s challenges and the mental health issues they cause. With an unyielding commitment to success for her clients, she serves as an advocate and coach to help teens and their parents develop strong self-esteem, behavior and other life tools required to achieve positive results. Her singular focus is on helping her clients feel better about themselves, and, as a result experience life with greater ease and enjoyment.