Many Swimmers and Divers worldwide are swimming an outstanding time in their chosen events, or completing near flawless dives, but this alone is certainly not enough to ensure you will be seen by a College Swimming or Diving coach. Our experience in securing Full Scholarships for AD Alumni to NCAA DI Top 5 Swimming programs positions us as College Swimming experts to really guide you accurately.

Be sure to compete at meetings governed by your State or National Federations, where times and scores are official. This will provide you with a platform to launch your campaign in securing a Swimming Scholarship. Focus on one or two disciplines and 3-5 events in your Swimming, allowing Coaches to understand your areas of strength when they are considering you as a future Student Athlete on their roster. Meanwhile, Divers are encouraged to maintain a diverse variety of dives to attract the interest of Diving coaches. You can never have too much video of you competing…!

Your academic grades need to be considered too, as different Divisions have different Academic qualification criteria. Academic grades are the backbone of your College experience, perform well in the classroom and you can play on the team. High School grades and SAT exam results can be used to your advantage to secure a combination of Academic and Athletic Scholarship. To learn more about securing a Swimming or Diving Scholarship to a North American College, please connect with us via

Men’s Swimming & Diving Championships in NCAA Division I have taken place since its founding in 1924. NCAA Division I Championships are conducted in a 25 yard pool, however on two occasions, 2000 & 2004, the Championship was held in a 25 meter pool. Women’s NCAA Division I Swimming & Diving Championships was founded in 1982, with the annual intercollegiate Championship, traditionally taking place towards the end of March.

As with the Men’s events, a 25 yard pool is used, with the same exception in 2000 and 2004. If you are interested to learn more about NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA Swimming & Diving Scholarships, please reach out to our team as we will be pleased to discuss this opportunity with you and evaluate where you may qualify.