Shane Ting

Shane is an outstanding Student Athlete who will bring great energy and performance to your roster and campus. To begin recruitment dialogue with Shane, please call Ash on +1 (561) 231-3738 or email

Introduction Statement:
“I am a high achieving student who excels in all Academic Studies and has a passion for Swimming & Music. My goal is to do the best I can in my Academic studies and also in the Swimming Pool. I have the commitment and dedication to strive for the goals I set for myself in my Academics and in the Pool. I am also an accomplished Piano player and have played the instrument since I was 6 years old. I have won many piano awards including Senior School Performer of The Year and I have currently completed 8th Grade in piano and am looking to continue for my Associate Diploma of Performance”

Date of Birth: 2nd September 2002
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 160lbs
Citizenship: Australian
NCAA ID: Processing now
High School: Knox Grammar School
College Recruiting Class: 2021
GPA: 3.0+
SAT: Coming early 2020

High School Grades, Studying Year 11 High School Certificate (ATAR in 2020):
Biology B
Business Studies C
Chemistry B
English Advanced B
Geography A
Mathematics C

Video Highlights:
2019 50m Butterfly CAS Swimming Championships, Shane in Lane 5

2018 50m Butterfly Queensland State Championships, Shane in Lane 2

2018 Boys 16 Years 200m Butterfly – Race starts at 1:21.18, Shane in Lane 8

Personal Best Times (LCM & SCM to SCY):
2019 NSW Senior State Open Championships
100Fly – 58.66 (SCM) to 52.84 (SCY)

2019 NSW State Short Course
100Fly – 58.34 (SCM) to 52.55 (SCY)
200Fly – 2:08.75 (SCM) to 1:55.99 (SCY)
50Breast – 30.81 (SCM) to 27.75 (SCY)
100Breast – 1:06.74 (SCM) to 1:00.12 (SCY)
200Breast – 2:28.10 (SCM) to 2:13.42 (SCY)
200IM – 2:11.22 (SCM) to 1:58.21 (SCY)

2018 NSW State Long Course
100Fly – 59.89 (LCM) to 52.69 (SCY)
200Fly – 2:13.12 (LCM) to 1:57.40 (SCY)
100Breast – 1:09.19 (LCM) to 1:00.53 (SCY)
200Breast – 2:34.89 (LCM) to 2:15.93 (SCY)
200IM – 2:18.86 (LCM) to 2:02.21 (SCY)

State & National Event Rankings:
2019 NSW State Age Short Course Championships
– Rank 4 200 Breaststroke
– Rank 7 200 Butterfly
– Rank 8 100 Butterfly
– Rank 10 100 Breaststroke
– Rank 10 200 IM
– Rank 14 100 IM

NSW State Open Open Championships
– Qualifier

2018 – McDonalds Queensland Championships
– Rank 8 200 Butterfly
– Rank 10 100 Breaststroke
– Rank 12 100 Butterfly
– Rank 15 200 Breaststroke

Australia Age Championships
– Rank 14 100 Breaststroke
– Rank 15 200 Breaststroke

2017 – McDonalds Queensland State Age Championships
– Rank 9 100 Breaststroke
– Rank 9 100 Butterfly
– Rank 11 200 Breaststroke
– Rank 15 200 IM

NSW State Age Championships
– Rank 7 100 Breaststroke
– Rank 9 400 IM

2016 – NSW State Short Course Championships
– Rank 1 200 Breaststroke
– Rank 2 100 Breaststroke
– Rank 5 400 IM
– Rank 9 200 IM
– Rank 9 200 Butterfly

NSW State Open Open Championships
– Qualifier

Australia Age Championships
– Rank 13 100 Breaststroke

State Open Short Course Championships
– Qualifier

NSW State Age Championships
– Rank 4 200 Breaststroke
– Rank 6 200 Butterfly
– Rank 6 400 IM
– Rank 8 100 Breaststroke

2015 NSW State Age Short Course Championships
– Rank 11 200 Breaststroke
– Rank 12 200 Butterfly

Coach: Nick Dobson at Knox Pymble Swim Club
Phone +61 431 050 479 or email

Education Goals: My goal is to achieve a Degree in Health Nutrition or Sports Medicine.

College Goals: My College Goals are to succeed Academically in College and to become one of the top Athletes on the team. Always striving to do my best, I will do what it takes to become one of the Swimmers at the National Championships.

What makes you different? What makes me different from other swimmers or people is that I am very self-motivated in everything I do whether it be in the pool or with my academics. I have a huge internal drive and I use this asset to my advantage and like to motivate others to do the same when times get tough or difficult during swimming training and events. Furthermore, I show great courage and sportsmanship towards my competitors, teammates and friends.

Why do you want to compete in College? Swimming is my passion and always will be. I have dreamed of competing at the Olympics since I was young. College in the US for my formative years to build my swimming foundations would be a dream. I’m aiming for PBs each time I compete and I envisage continuously & immediately improving times during my undergraduate studies in University. Competing in college is crucial for my continuous improvement and hopefully my Olympic dream will come true through this coaching process and competition in USA college.

Life Goals: My life goal is to be an outstanding individual/coach/trainer that can help elite Athletes to maximize and unleash their potential in their field. With my specialty in Nutritional Science, I would be able to bridge the gap between the poor eating habits which compromises health with the intensive training.

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