Sarah Branford

Sarah is an exciting attacking Striker who has fantastic defensive aptitude to go with it. Sarah is competing for the South Australian U17 State Girls Team. Sarah is a hugely inspiring team player who will make a huge impact on your roster. To commence recruitment dialogue please reach out to Ash on or +1-561-231-3738

Introduction: I won the school prize for Combined Sport & Studies at age 12 and have always possessed a drive and passion to combine academic studies and sporting performance at high levels of achievement. My objective is to excel in both sport and academia to achieve excellence for myself, my team and the college I represent. I have a strong work ethic, an open mindset and high motivation to be successful in all I do.

Date of Birth: 24th February 2003
Height: 5’2.5″
Weight: 122lbs
Citizenship: Australia
NCAA ID: 1908671067
High School: Saint Ignatius College, Adelaide South Australia
College Recruiting Class: 2021
GPA: 3.4+
SAT score: Taking exam October 5th

High School Subjects & Grades completed Midway Year 11 in 2019:
Biology – B+
Chemistry – B+
English – A
Math Methods – A-
Modern History – B+
Physical Education – A+
Psychology – A-
Religion Studies – A

Video Highlights:
Wonderful team lifting GOAL from Sarah #15

Sarah #15 centering pass for Team Goal Assist

Great steal and play creating midfield run by Sarah #15

Exciting movement into attack from Sarah #15

End to end pace from Sarah #15

Attacking run by Sarah #15

Sarah #15 with pace down the line

Teams Represented, Athletic & Academic Achievements & Coaches:
2019 National Talent Challenge – South Australia Under 17 State Team
2018 Adelaide United Women’s League Team – invited to join preseason training with squad
2018 National Talent Challenge – invited to join South Australia Under 17 State Team Squad
2018 National Youth Championships – South Australia Under 15 State Team (Captain)
2018 Athletics Age Champion (Year 10)
2017 National Youth Championships – South Australia Under 15 State Team
2017 Athletics Age Champion (Year 9)
2016 National Youth Championships – South Australia Under 13 State Team
2016 Athletics Age Champion (Year 8)
2015 Pacific School Games – South Australia U12 State Team
2015 Adelaide Comets Soccer Club – Under 15 Team (Most Valuable Player & Highest Goal Scorer)
2015 House Captain (Year 7)
2014 & 2015 South Australian Primary Schools Sports Association – District Teams
2014 House Captain (Year 6)
*Participation in school sporting teams in Australian Rules Football, Tennis, Cross Country Running, Soccer, Softball, Athletics (school record holder in 100m sprint & triple jump)”

State Coach: Michele Lastella email or call +61413407956
School Coach: Con Kapnistis
Reference Letters from Michele and also Sarah’s High School Principal, Mr. Peter Coffey

Education Goals: I am keen to pursue studies majoring in Psychology in the NCAA. This will enable me to obtain a US undergraduate degree in the first instance and then postgraduate studies leading to registration as a Psychologist.

Life Goals: I love building strong, flourishing relationships and am interested in human wellbeing, physical fitness and positive mental health. Peers come to me for advice and good counsel, and I am at my best when I help others to help themselves. This is what draws me to the study of Psychology. On the sporting field, these principles also apply when I encourage and coach team members. I am self aware with strong emotional intelligence making me a good ‘coach’ in life and in sport. While not fixed about what the future might bring, I continue to be open to possibilities, agile and flexible in my pursuits and able to approach challenges with a positive mindset. I am passionate to learn more in a College undergraduate Psychology degree in order to determine my future, whether that be in a clinical, sports or health context. To be in a position to do so, and to continue with my other passion of playing Soccer, provides an incredible opportunity.

College Goals: I understand and balance priorities enabling me to achieve at a high level in both academic and sporting contexts. I have experience and a proven track record in juggling busy schedules. I am an organised and socially capable team-oriented person. In College I will continue to study conscientiously and uphold a strong work ethic and drive in the College team I represent. My goal is to gain top results and to do whatever it takes to win on the pitch and in the classroom. I aim to grow and build on my success as a player and team member, forge strong bonds and networks with people from many walks of life, build my capabilities and achieve great results in the area of Psychology. I want to have fun and experience the culture of a quality US College, while making a positive contribution to those with whom I live, play and study.

Why College in the USA? I constantly look for new and challenging experiences to enhance both my academic and athletic learning. From research into USA women’s soccer I know there is a culture of excellence where players are taken seriously, provided with opportunities for ongoing development and stretch, and guided by expert, passionate coaches to achieve and become top tier athletes. At a US college I would engage in a sports’ regime that is professional and high quality while undertaking studies for a future professional career. Australian universities simply cannot provide this. Playing sport in college will not only help develop my soccer, fitness and physical resilience but will allow me to develop important capabilities in life to effectively manage priorities, exhibit confident leadership, be a collaborative and supportive team member, demonstrate commitment and resilience, show dedication and drive, exercise compassion and spirit, and become more inter-culturally and globally minded.

What makes you different? As a younger person I was an ’emerging’ and ‘reluctant’ leader: I didn’t overtly seek leadership but constantly found peers looking to me for direction, support and advice. Now as a confident leader with excellent self awareness, I lead best by collaborating in a team environment where we strive for a healthy balance of competitive drive, doing our best and having fun. In my roles as Under 15 State Captain and School House Captain, I have been affirmed by others for leading with integrity and impact to make a positive difference to those around me. I expect to be a 2020 Senior Leader in my final year of high school. My soccer career has always included me taking on formal and informal leadership roles while remaining focussed on my own sporting performance. Academically, I remain a highly organised and conscientious student who has been able to achieve and maintain mostly A grades. I describe myself as determined, persistent and achievement oriented in all that I do. I will do whatever it takes to support my team to grow stronger and succeed, coupled with strong academic performance. I know I would be an excellent ambassador for any college keen to sign me.