If you are competing at a State, National or International level within your home country, you can consider pursuing a College Rugby Scholarship. Opportunities are limited however, with Rugby being one of the fastest growing sports across Colleges in North America. We have real experience in gaining the largest available Rugby Scholarship offers for National level Student Athletes in foreign countries, yet the annual shortfall was still too high. Please reach out to us to learn the realities of Rugby at College and if it would be realistically affordable. We hope to see Rugby blossom more at College in the USA in the future!

Your academic grades need to be considered too, as different Divisions have different Academic qualification criteria. Academic grades are the backbone of your College experience, perform well in the classroom and you can play on the team. High School grades and SAT exam results can be used to your advantage to secure a combination of Academic and Athletic Scholarship. To learn more about securing a Rugby Scholarship to a North American College, please connect with us via connect@athletesdream.com

Since the early 1800s, Rugby has been competed in by North American Colleges, however it was not until the 1960s that Rugby secure itself within intercollegiate sport. Strong Catholic Colleges like Notre Dame and Jesuit Universities such as Boston College and St. Joseph’s played a significant role in the overall exposure and development of Rugby as an Intercollegiate sport.

College Rugby in North America is governed by USA Rugby, with the first College Rugby National Championship being held in 1980. Since that time, the most successful teams in College Rugby have been California, Air Force and Brigham Young. A consistent push of encouragement has come from USA Rugby to have Colleges form independent conferences for the governance of their growing sport. One example of this already happening was in 2009 when the Ivy Rugby Conference was formed.