Rowing Crew at College in North America is a privilege and a prestigious journey for those lucky enough to experience the pathway! Very well known Ivy League and NCAA Colleges offer Rowing Scholarships with 20 available per NCAA DI & DII Rowing roster. You must be able to verify your Club, State or National achievements with video highlights and also prove your 2k, 5k ergo tests by the same method!

To be eligible for College Rowing Scholarships your academic grades need to be considered too, as different Divisions have different Academic qualification criteria. Academic grades are the backbone of your College experience, perform well in the classroom and you can play on the team. High School grades and SAT exam results can be used to your advantage to secure a combination of Academic and Athletic Scholarship. To learn more about College Rowing Scholarships to a North American College, please connect with us via

One of the oldest intercollegiate sports, rowing dates back to 1852 when Yale first challenged Harvard to a race. With limited opportunities for Rowing Scholarships due to budget constraints and access to suitable bodies of water, be sure to understand this pathway in detail should you be considering rowing at college in North America.

The NCAA Division I Rowing Championship was first conducted in 1997 with 2002 marking the introduction of National Championships for NCAA Division II and Division III. If you are interested to learn more about NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA Rowing Scholarships, please reach out to our team as we will be pleased to discuss this opportunity with you and evaluate where you may qualify.