Mitch Bray

Mitch Bray is a very intelligent young man from one of Australias most prestigious High Schools, Scotch College in Adelaide. His Australian ATAR of 99.6 is absolutely a perfect score. Combined with his quickly improving running, Mitch is a true value added Student Athlete to your roster Fall 2020 and beyond! Please connect with Ash via email; or phone 561 231-3738

Dale Bennett, Deputy Principal Reference Letter
Jessica Powell, Senior School Mentor Reference Letter

Date of Birth: 25th June 2001
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 158lbs
Citizenship: Australia
NCAA ID: 1902421061
High School: Scotch College, Adelaide South Australia
College Recruiting Class: 2020
GPA: 4.0 – (ATAR 97.45 adjusted to 99.6)
SAT score: 1290 (EBRW 610 & Math 680)

High School Grades completed for Year 12 in 2019:
Physics A
Chemistry A
English A
Math Methods A
Nutrition (Stage 2) A (Completed Year 11 in 2018)
Research Project (Stage 2) A+ (Completed Year 11 in 2018)

Video Highlights:
2020 South Australia State 800m Club Meet – Mitch Lane #7

2020 South Australia State 200m Club Meet – Mitch Lane #5

2019 South Australia U20 8km XC Championships – 31 minutes 36 seconds. Course GPS Measured 8.2km.

2019 South Australia Schools Championships 400m – Silver Medal (55 seconds)

2018 South Australia State Relay Championships 4x800m – Gold Medal (3rd leg 2:06 age 16)

Mitch wearing #30

Teams Represented, Athletic & Academic Achievements & Coaches:
2020 3rd Place Victoria Country Championships 800m

2019 Adjusted ATAR 99.6 (Highest achievable graduation score in South Australia)
2019 Scotch College Academic ‘Colors’
2019 Scotch College Academic Principal Award
2019 Selected by Principal as Year 12 Speaker representative at Graduation Dinner
2019 2nd Place South Australia U20 3000m Steeplechase
2019 Qualified for Australian Schools Cross Country Championships
2019 ASA Cross Country National Qualifier (6km) – 11th Open Age, 3rd U20 & 1st from School
2019 School Sport South Australia Cross Country team – Principals Award
2019 Scotch College Athletics Captain
2019 The Heysen Trophy for Cross Country
2019 1st Place Year 12 Cross Country
2019 MVP Scotch College Open A Basketball
2019 Scotch College Basketball Captain
2019 Scotch College Basketball ‘Colors’ Highest Basketball Award at the School
2019 The Prize for Best Senior Basketball player

2018 SSSA Cross Country Championships (6km). 8th in State and 1st in School.
2018 Scotch College Athletics Captain
2018 The Heysen Trophy for Cross Country
2018 1st Place Year 11 Cross Country
2018 2nd Place in age, Scotch College Sports Day
2018 Scotch College Academic ‘Colors’
2018 Scotch College Academic Principal Award
2018 Completed 2x Stage Two Year 12 subjects
2018 Scotch College Basketball ‘Colors’
2018 SAAS DA2 Open Champions Basketball (Scotch College)
2019 MVP Scotch College Open A Basketball
2018 The Old Collegians Basketball Award for Outstanding Sporting Attitude
2018 Sturt Basketball Division 2, Runner-Up
2018 Basketball SA District Champs, Runner-Up (undefeated regular season)
2018 Basketball SA State Champs, Gold Medal

2017 Scotch College Academic ‘Letters’
2017 Scotch College Academic Principal Award x2
2017 Scotch College Basketball ‘Letters’
2017 2nd place South Australia U17 2000m Steeplechase
2017 Competed in Adelaide Invitational running
2017 Sturt Basketball Club, Runner-Up MVP
2017 Scotch College Physical Education, Health & Home Economics Awards
2017 Community Service & Work Experience

2016 Achieved Grade point average of A
2016 Played Basketball for Middle School A Team – winning a player award
2016 Achieved four 1st place finishes and a second at the Athletics Carnival
2016 1st Place Year 9 Cross Country Event. 2nd overall in the School
2016 School at SSSA Cross Country Championships (4km), qualifying for the SA All Schools Team
2016 1500m SSSA Track & Field Championships. Selected to State Team for Australian All Schools Championships
2016 School House team at Swimming Carnival.
2016 Played Piano in School Stage Band and School Concert Band

Mitch has represented Marion Swimming Club, Scotch College Basketball, Scotch College Athletics, Sturt Sabres Basketball, Flinders Running Club, Hills Running Club and most importantly his home State of South Australia on three occasions. Mitch has qualified for 7 State Representations in total.

Running Coach: Gary Zuener +61 407 973 788
Club Basketball Coach: Jason Williams +61 452 382 482
School Basketball Coach: Reece Turner +61 417 149 050

Introduction: I aim to take my Sporting talent and Academic ability to the highest level by Studying and competing abroad. I am a dedicated and motivated Student Athlete, determined to reach my fullest potential. I will represent my College with great Leadership, Sportsmanship and Ability. All round, I am a focused Student who is aiming to achieve high results while expressing my passion as a Basketball player and Track Runner.

Education Goals: I intend to study STEM related subjects, for which I have a strength and interest, with the goal of a career in this area. I aim to maintain my strong Academic results following on from my High School achievements, and have the drive to do so.

Life Goals: I aim to be the most successful person I can be in all aspects of my life. My dream is to successfully compete in international Athletic Competitions, and take my Basketball to the highest level I can. I have a will to achieve high Academic results, leading into a successful and enjoyable professional career.

College Goals: Throughout my life, I have successfully balanced my Academic and Athletic talents which has led to significant achievement in both areas. I aim to continue to do this throughout College, whilst refining my interests and becoming the best Student Athlete and Role-Model I can possibly be. By working and training consistently and at a high level, I know that I can push myself to be the best and represent my College at the highest level. As an Athlete I know I have not yet come close to reaching my full potential and believe College placement will support me through the higher levels of coaching and competition. I know I will reach my goals.

Why do you want to compete at College? Competing in a College environment will provide me with a higher level of competition and coaching. I believe this will be to drive my success beyond that which I have currently achieved. Colleges in the USA are renowned for their outstanding level of Sporting talents and I have always wanted to be involved and challenge myself with a new culture.

What makes you different? My philosophy and that of my coaches has always been that I can begin to peak right at College entry time, rather than as a mid teen. Therefore, I have avoided injuries, while building a really strong base for my competitive future. As a lifetime Athlete, I have the experience necessary to maintain dedication, while balancing Academic studies and Athletic performances. I am both a high level Athlete and a high achieving Student, whilst I have also proven my capabilities in leadership roles. I want to be an invaluable member of my College community.