Merric is an outstanding young man with a strong character who will add value to your roster, but importantly you College all round. To begin recruitment dialogue with Merric, please email Ash on or call (561) 231-3738

Date of Birth: 8th August 2001
Height: 5’10
Weight: 172lbs
Citizenship: Australian

Reference Letters from Victoria State Coach and Club Coach

Video Highlights:
2019 U19 Australia Green v U19 Japan *Merric is GK wearing #8 for Green, plays middle 3rd of match from 10 mins Q2

2018 U18 Victoria v Western Australian Grand Final *Merric is GK wearing #13 for Blue Team (1st half)

2018 U18 Victoria v Western Australia Grand Final *Merric is GK wearing #13 for Blue Team (2nd Half)

2018 U18 Victoria v New Zealand *Merric is GK wearing #13 for Blue Team (Full Game)

2018 U18 Victoria v South Australia *Merric is GK wearing #13 for Blue Team (start from 53 mins)

2017 U17 Moreland/Surrey Park v Caufield/Malvern/Chadstone *Merric is GK wearing #30 for Orange Team

Teams Represented, Achievements & Coaches:
2018 Victoria U18 State Team for National Championships.
2018 Winner U18 Australian Nationals representing Victoria State as Goal Keeper (Score 19-7).
2018 MVP – Division II National Competition, one of the youngest players.
2018-2017 Division II National Competition.
2018-2017 Brunswick U17 Lacrosse Club.
2017 Winner U17 Best & Fairest at Brunswick Lacrosse Club.
2016 Regional Team Northern Warriors to compete at National Tournament as Goal Keeper.
2016 Regional Team Northern Warriors – Won MVP during National Tournament.
2016-2015 Brunswick U15 Lacrosse Club.
2015 Regional Team Northern Warriors to compete at National tournament as Goal Keeper.
2015 Regional Team Northern Warriors – Won MVP during National Tournament.
2015 Winner U15 Best & Fairest Moreland.
Coach: Michael Lovett, Head Coach Brunswick Lacrosse Club
Email: Phone: +61 412 118 785

NCAA ID: Coming Soon
High School: Princes Hill Secondary College
College Class: 2020
GPA: 2.75
SAT: Coming Soon

High School Grades, Studying Grade 11:
English Studies A
General Mathematics B
Health & Human Development A
Legal Studies B
Photography A

Introduction: I wish to attend College in North America to improve my Academic and Athletic skills and to showcase my values in a new and more varied part of the world. My passion for lacrosse will transfer towards my College goals and assist in my improvement as a Student Athlete and as an all round individual, adding value to the roster and the campus. At Brunswick Lacrosse Club I am currently training twice per week and playing in U17s both on the field and as Goal Keeper. In addition to this I am training with the Senior teams twice per week and playing as Goal Keeper. At school I have represented the Princes Secondary College in Athletics, specifically Javelin. I always give everything I have, no matter what it is, and due to this I have excelled in Boot Camps and other athletic extra curricular activities.

Education Goals: As a College Student I wish to gain a level of certification to support my growth later in life and assist me in acquiring a rewarding career and a steady and healthy lifestyle.

Life Goals: To achieve an international standard of Lacrosse whilst pursuing an outstanding education with the end result of a rewarding career and ongoing sporting regime.

College Goals: At College I will integrate well with my team mates and peers whilst placing maximum value on my education. I want to make the most of the whole college experience, become a real leader and a new environment.

Why do you want to compete at College? My love for Lacrosse means that I can combine my tertiary education with playing in the best Lacrosse country in the world to extend myself to new standards, I know I’ve got what it takes to mix it with the best in the US College system. The educational reputation in the US also means I can extend and develop myself both interpersonally and academically.

What makes you different? I have a calm and solid inner determination and do not flinch at any position or task demanded of me. I excel under pressure and keep everything going steady when the pressure rises. My calm exterior belies this determination. I am always willing to take on a new opportunity that is offered to me and will try my hardest till the very end. I am reliable and loyal. When in demanding team events or situations, I support everyone and always ensure that the team is staying supportive of each other and that we are all completing our objectives.