Maddi Durnell

To recruit Maddi (#9 NSW) please call Ash on (561) 838-6129 or email

Maddi’s Introduction:
My objective is to seek a chance to compete in the sport I love while pursuing a degree in the American collegiate system to ensure I have a career that allows me to have a stable income and future for myself. It has long been an ambition of mine to attend college in the United States and I aspire to pursue that in the upcoming years. I’ve played softball at the greatest level attainable for my age in Australia. I enjoy working in a collaborative setting and am up for new challenges. I’m constantly looking to learn new things to improve my sport and education.

Birthday: 3rd February 2007
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 135lbs
Country: Australia
NCAA ID#: 2208634458
SAT Exam: Coming soon
HS Name: St.Leos Catholic College
HS Class: 2025
HS GPA: 3.2

Teams Represented & Achievements:
2023 U16 Team NSW, Leadership Group at Australian National Championship.
2022 U16 Australian Performance Squad, Attended 2022 U16 talent ID camp.
2022 U18 NSW State Championship – Team North Shore. 2022 U16 NSW State Championship – Team North Shore 2nd Place.
2022 U17 NSWCCC Schools Team.
2022 U16 Team NSW – Australian National Champions!
2021 U16 Team NSW State Championship – Team North Shore 2nd Place.
2021 U17 NSWCCC Schools team
2021 U14 Team Metro Slammers – Tri series 2nd Place.
2020 U14 NSW State Championship – Team North Shore Champions!
2020 U14 Team NSW Metro Regional – 2nd Place in regionals.

Alan Moore – +61 416 187 171,
Neridah Wearne – +61 478 311 116,

High School Sophomore Results:
English | C
Food Technology | B
History | B
Mathematics | B
Health & PE | B
Physical Science | C
Religion | A
Sport Studies | B

Academic Goals:
I want to study either Occupational Therapy, Education, Kinesiology, sports science or anything related to sports to allow me to stay within my sport that I love and help out other people

College Goals:
My busy schedule that I have here in New South Wales has given be the ability to learn how to manage my time effectively and achieve success in my studies whilst competing at high levels in softball. This ability will allow me to successfully transition into college life. I aim to be the player that can lead my teammates and that they can also look up to and come to when they need which helps to create a positive team environment and help us to become a successful team.

Life Goals:
My life goal is for me to play softball at college level and play in the Olympics for my country.

Why do you want to compete at College ?
I Believe that college offers me the highest level of competition for my age whilst also allowing me to study to form a future career for myself. Competing at the college level will help me to develop my skills and further my opportunities for the future.

What makes you different ?
An interesting fact about me is that my sister Milla, who is also a softball player, and I are identical twins. We both have a passion for softball and have supported each other through our successes, from making our first-ever representative team to becoming Australian National Champions and making the Australian squad. I am a very passionate and enthusiastic person who is always looking for ways to help others out. I always work my absolute hardest to achieve my goals both academically and athletically.