Joshua Kalozi

U18 Mens 110mH NEW OCEANIA RECORD (13.36) June 2022, Mackay Queensland

U18 Mens 110mH (13.85) April 2022, Australian National Championships

U17 Mens 110mH (14.01) April 2021, Australian National Championships

Josh’s Introduction: My overall goal is to combine my Athletics & Academics, in order to be one of the best hurdlers in the world. I have both the hard work ethic and the correct mentality to leave my mark on the College team I represent. This both as a role model, and an Athlete.

Date of Birth: April 1st 2005
Height: 6′2″
Weight: 187lbs
Citizenship: Canberra, Australia
NCAA ID: To be completed
SAT Score: 1140

Personal Best Results:
110m Hurdles – 13.61
100m Sprint – 11.10
Long Jump – 6.70m
Triple Jump – 13.75m
2022 NSW Junior Athletics Championships
1st – Triple Jump
2nd – 110m Hurdles
2nd – Long Jump
4th – 100m Sprint
2022 ACT Open Athletics Championships
1st – 110m Hurdles
1st – Long Jump
1st – Triple Jump
2nd – 100m Sprint
2021 NSW Junior Athletics Championships
2nd – 110m Hurdles
3rd – Triple Jump
7th – 100m Sprint
8th – Long Jump
2021 ACT Open Athletics Championships
1st – Long Jump
1st – Triple Jump
2nd – 100m Sprint
4th – 110m Hurdles
2021 NSW All Schools Athletics Championships
1st – Long Jump
2nd – Triple Jump
3rd – 110m Hurdles
2020 NSW Junior Athletics Championships
1st – 100m Hurdles
1st – 200m Hurdles
1st – Triple Jump
2nd – Long Jump
3rd – 100m Sprint, Shot Put, Javelin
4th – Discus
2020 ACT Open Athletics Championships
1st – 200m Hurdles
1st – Long Jump
2nd – 100m Hurdles
4th – Discus
4th – Javelin

ACT Athletics State (Australian Capital Territory)
Mulwaree High School
Coach Bob Morgan (+61 419 434 545) or

High School Grades End Junior Year 2021:
Biology C
Business C
Chemistry B
English C
Math Studies B

College Goals: Over my years in High School, I have worked multiple jobs, studied for my High School Certificate, trained and competed in multiple competitions at a State and National Level. This demanding schedule has allowed me to mould my schedule into something manageable and I’m sure this skill will transfer to my life in College. Ideally I would like to pursue and complete my courses over the 4 year span that I’m attending University, alongside that I would aim to be the #1 NCAA Hurdler in both 110m & 60m distances whilst furthering my skills in other events and having podium finishes in those.

Life Goals: It is my goal to travel the world, and be an active role model on and off the track. I would like to travel to Japan and live there for several years after my track and field career has ended. Being able to compete at the Commonwealth & Olympic Games in front friends & family in Australia is another goal I’ve set out to achieve. However, my most pressing goal is to compete and study in the USA on Scholarship..

Why do you want to compete in College? Competing for a US College has been a dream of mine for a number of years, and it is now something that I can actively pursue. I want to compete in the USA because of the large and highly competitive conference & national championships. These are something that are not happening in Australia the same way. Setting indoor times is something that is impossible in Australia due to no venues for any competitions. With the correct team and coaching staff, I know that I can be a heavyweight both indoors and outdoors, with strong aspirations and beliefs of being NCAA Champion. Lastly, being able to compete at some of the highest level of competition in the world, whilst working my way towards my dream job of teaching in Japan, is something that I would be forever grateful for.

What makes you different? Growing up in rural Australia, in a small town, I haven’t had access to the same training facilities or coaches as many of my competitors. As a result, I have learned strength, resilience and competitiveness. Whilst it makes me extremely proud knowing that I’m one of the best hurdlers in the country and world for my age, I always keep in mind my experiences that have taught me what hard work really is, and that talent and ability are worked for, not bought.