Jack Trehearne

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Date of Birth: 24th October 2000
Height: 5’10
Weight: 145lbs
Citizenship: Australia
Graduation: Fall 2018 (College start date from Fall 2019)
NCAA ID# 1808250141 (NCAA D1 & D2 Academic Qualifier)
High School: St. Francis de Sales, Mount Barker South Australia
College Freshman Class: 2019 or 2020
GPA: 3.83+
SAT: 1000

Video Highlights:
2019 August 35 points / 6 Assists Highlights

2019 July Highlights

2019 April Highlights



2019 Raw Footage 28 Points, 9 Asst.

Teams Represented, Achievements & Coaches:
2019 – Eastern Maverick District Basketball Club – Senior Men Premier League
2018 – USA Tour with Basketball Varsity Academy, competing against high schools in Portland, Spokane and Seattle.
2017 – U21 MVP A-League, Eastern Hills
2017 – Overall MVP, Eastern Hills
2017 – U18 Melbourne Classic Division 1
2016 – U18 Melbourne Classic Division 1
2013 – U14 Nationals played in Darwin
Eastern Mavericks District Club
St Francis de Sales Basketball Academy
Hornets Regional Basketball Club
Zodiacs Basketball
Coach: Jason Warhurst – Jason.warhurst@sa.gov.au or +61 413 876 898.

High School Subjects & Grades:
Design & Tech B
English B+
Food and Hospitality A-
General Maths C
Basketball Academy B+
Religious Education C+
Spanish 1 A
Spanish 2 A

My Objective: To study and play in a US college at the highest level I am capable of. I have a determination and will do everything necessary to complete this goal.

College Goals: My college goals are to be enjoying my basketball experience, but also loving day-to-day life in the college system. Competing and winning is what I am used too and what I expect.

Life Goals: To be competing in a highly competitive basketball league, in which I earn a living. I want to eventually find my way into the ‘real world’ the working world, and have a family of my own.

Why do you want to compete at College? I want to travel the world, meet new people, make life-long friends, and better my basketball ability to continue playing when I finish. I am able to get the university education that I would in Australia, but be playing basketball at the same time. The College system is perfect for me and I cant wait to show what I have.

What makes you different? I honestly think the things that differentiates me from other players is the fact that I am a smaller player that has been constantly overlooked. This added fuel to my fire and made me determined to succeed.