Jack Korotcoff – Xavier University

Jack has accepted a Scholarship to Xavier University for Spring 2021.

Date of Birth: 12th April 2001
Height: 6′
Weight: 165lbs
Citizenship: Australian

Video Highlights:

2017/2018/2019 WAGR Tournament Results:
Winner U17 Boys – 2018 Tamar Valley Cup, Boys Championships 76-74-74-70
3rd outright – 2018 Tamar Valley Cup, Boys Championships 76-74-74-70
6th outright – 2018 Nilai Springs Mens Amateur Open 74-80-75
Tied 7th – 2019 Victoria Junior Masters 73-73-74
8th outright – 2019 Mens Tasmanian Open WR event 73-72-73-76
8th outright – 2018 Malaysian AmBank International Junior 75-75
Tied 13th – 2018 Victorian Junior Open 72-76-67-75
Tied 15th – 2019 Golf SA Junior Open 69-74-81
Tied 23rd – 2018 NSW Boys Open Championship 77-73-79-78
27th outright – 2017 Victorian Boys Open 75-70-78-74
Tied 28th – 2017 Golf SA Junior Open 74-75-80
Tied 28th – 2018 Golf SA Boys Masters 76-77-77
Tied 29th – 2019 Golf SA Boys Masters 77-70-82
Tied 35th – 2018 NSW Jack Newton Junior Invitational 74-77-78-79

Teams Represented:
KDV High Performance Squad in Queensland 2019, 2018 & 2017
Queensland Junior Development Squad 2017
A Grade Pennant Player for Sanctuary Cove Golf Club, Gold Coast Queensland
School Captain for Garden International School, Malaysia

Spending time with Coach Richard Woodhouse

NCAA ID: 1807231092
High School: Saint Stephens College, Queensland Australia
College Class: 2020
GPA: 3.25+
SAT: Sitting SAT Exam March 2019

High School Grades completed for Year 11 in 2018:
Biological Science B-
English B+
Mathematics C+
Modern History B
Physical Education A

Jack’s Introduction: My immediate goal is that I wish to join a College which has the best athletic and academic fit for me. I would love to represent a golf team that is as committed to excellence as I am. I will strive to make a positive impact and become the best golfer I can be, as well as being a valuable team member who is respected and highly regarded by players and coaches alike. I am interested in pursuing a degree related to Teaching Sport at the Elite level or Sports Science & Fitness.

College Goals: My College goals are simple but meaningful. I am looking to be a respected, active and responsible team member of the College, both on the course with my fellow team members as well as being successful academically. I also would like to be able to learn new life skills and mature as an individual. Meeting new friends is an exciting prospect for me and given that I am a confident individual I fell that I will be able to embrace all that College life offers me.

Life Goals: I am striving to become a touring professional on the golf circuit. To obtain a degree in sports related, either Sports Science to further my passion for all sports or teaching sports. To continue to travel and explore the world through playing golf tournaments around the globe. To continue to be the best individual I can possibly be whilst always showing integrity, compassion, persistence and dedication in all I do and with those around me.

Why do you want to compete in College? I believe there are a number of pathways to achieving success and long term goals. For me, playing College golf will not only allow me to pursue my golfing passion and dream, but also acquire valuable life long skills. Acquiring a tertiary education is important to me and I feel I am disciplined in all facets of my life to be able to achieve this. Making friends from all over the world and living independently is a challenge that I am excited about.

What makes you different? As I have already been lucky enough to live overseas several years, I believe I am a resilient individual and also extremely street-smart. I also have very strong social and communication skills which allows me to express myself well and hold strong conversations.

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