Ice Hockey at College in North America is an incredibly high level of competition, with a large number of North American and Canadian players dominating the College rosters. To be realistically considered for an NCAA Division I College Ice Hockey Scholarship, you will already be competing in Junior A North American Hockey or in a Canadian league such as the Western Hockey League. Every year there are exceptions with many international players from other strong Ice Hockey nations such as Russia, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland securing College Ice Hockey Scholarships.

Your academic grades need to be considered too, as different Divisions have different Academic qualification criteria. Academic grades are the backbone of your College experience, perform well in the classroom and you can play on the team. High School grades and SAT exam results can be used to your advantage to secure a combination of Academic and Athletic Scholarship. To learn more about securing an Ice Hockey Scholarship to a North American College, please connect with us via

Since 1948, the NCAA has held a national tournament for Men, with the Women’s championship added in 2001. Without question, Canada is the number one breeding ground for both College Hockey players that ultimately move on to the NHL. In the US, ‘College Hockey’ refers to all intercollegiate Ice Hockey, while in Canada, this reference is more specific to smaller Colleges, or ‘Community Colleges’ which operate under the governance of the CCAA (Canadian Colleges Athletic Association).

The CIS (Canadian Inter-University Sport) is the governing body of all four year Hockey institutions in Canada. Due to the depth of competition in Canada, Student Athletes in Hockey are scrutinized even more closely by the NCAA eligibility centre, to ensure no professional sport has been played in one of the many leagues across Canada.

Although the qualification criteria and standards for Ice Hockey players outside of the US and Canada will be challenging to meet, no matter where you are in the world, please reach out if you are interested to learn more about NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA Ice Hockey Scholarships. Our team will be pleased to discuss this opportunity with you and evaluate where you may be able to qualify.