Hogan Blais

To recruit Hogan please email asmith@athletesdream.com or call Ash on (561) 838-6129

Hogan’s Introduction:
My objective is to play Professional Golf. At the moment, I am a dual sport athlete competing at the highest level in both Golf & Hockey. However, I do know that every athlete needs a backup plan which is why I would like to study in business/marketing to become a sales representative for a big company. I believe I can influence the world in a positive way on and off the athletic realm.

Date of Birth: October 17th 2007
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 181lbs
Passport: Canada
College Class: 2025

Recent Golf Tournaments, Achievements & Results:

36-38-76 – Virginia Tournament
Win (70) – Bellevile Jr. Masters
Win – (72-75) CJGA open
Wins x4 7&6 | 4&3 | 3&2 | 2&1 Inter-Provincials matches
2nd – (77-74) Ottawa City and Districts
2nd – (74) PJGT Championship
2nd – (77-74) CJGA End of Summer Open
2nd – OVGA Order of Merit
4th – (76-79) Quebec Provincials
4th – Quebec Order of Merit
4th – PJGT Order of Merit
35th (85-81-79) Team Ottawa at the Ontario Games, Team 3rd
Golf Coach: Lee Curry | lcurry@camelotgolf.ca
Golf Club: Camelot Golf & Country Club

Hockey Accomplishments:
U17 (Defensemen) Canadian International Hockey Academy Prep Team
Contact: skelly@cihacademy.com
Hockey Coach: Nevin Guy: 613-324-2728 | nguy@cihacademy.com

Current Sophomore HS Grades:
Canadian Geography 87%
English: 84%
History 91%
Mathematics: 79%
Science: 86%

Academic Goals:
Through high school, my goal is to maintain good grades which will allow me to get into a good university. From there I wish to study Marketing and business as well as pharmaceuticals to one day live up to my dream of being a Pharmaceutical Sales representative.

College Goals:
My time at the Canadian International Hockey Academy will allow me to transition to College life seamlessly as I need to juggle both athletics and academics. I am in school from 8 am to 4:30 pm everyday with a very busy schedule. Every other weekend, we leave on the Thursday or Friday morning to travel to a showcase. During that time, I have to do my homework, eat healthy and sleep. This will prepare me to be a high performing college student.

Life Goals:
To play professional golf and hockey but as plan B I want to be a sales rep.

Why College in the USA ?
I strongly believe that education is a priority as making it as an athlete at the top level is extremely difficult.Having no education is not an option for me.

What makes you stand out on roster ?
I am realistic about my objectives.While I dream of playing professional sports, I know that I need education. But having those dreams is what motivates me to work hard in school.