Georgia is super Academic! Outstanding Student Athlete bringing great value to your University Community and Roster. Please reach out to Chris on or +1-514-434-9943 to discuss

“I am a high achieving Student who excels in all Academic Studies, Swimming & Music. I have a passion for learning and a passion for high level performance. I have consistently achieved A grade Academic results all my life. I have qualified to swim at Australia Age Nationals finishing consistently in the Top 20 in Australia for the last three years. I am an accomplished Viola player who has played that instrument since I was 5 years old. I am qualified to teach that instrument and I have played in Symphony Orchestras, many String Quartets and Trios and Solo Concert Performances both in Europe and in Australia including at the Dame Elizabeth Murdoch Recital Center. I am currently the First Viola player in the MLC School Symphony Orchestra. I love life and live it to the fullest in all that I do”

Date of Birth: 24th July 2002
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 132lbs
Citizenship: Australia
NCAA ID: Coming soon…
High School: Methodist Ladies College, Melbourne Australia
College Recruiting Class: 2021
GPA: 4.0
SAT score: SAT to be taken in October 2019

High School Grades completed Semester 1 Year 11 in 2019:
Biology A
Chemistry A
English A
Health & Human Development A
Math Methods B+
Physical Education A

Video Highlights:
Coming soon…..

Personal Best Times (LCM & SCM to SCY):
50m Free 27.03 converts to 24.25
100m Free 58.46 converts to 52.47
200m Free 2:09.14 converts to 1:55.04
400m Free 4:34.61 converts to 5:09.59

50m Back 29.63 converts to 26.38
100m Back 1:05.74 converts to 58.70
200m Back 2:22.58 converts to 2:07.74

50m Fly 26.66 converts to 29.91
100m Fly 1:06.83 converts to 1:00.43
200m Fly 2:27.50 converts to 2:16.46

See Results via (Georgia Moloney)

Coach: Bobby Folan @ MLC Aquatic +61 447 262 206 or

Teams Represented, Achievements & Coaches:
2019 – Australia Age Championships Freestyle Rank 32
2019 – Australia Age Championships Backstroke Rank 19
2019 – Lorne, Pier to Pub 1.2k ocean swim 13 minutes 39 seconds 5th Junior Female. Selected for SuperFish.
2018 – Australia Age Championships Freestyle Qualifier
2018 – Victoria State Age Championships Freestyle Rank 8
2018 – Victoria State Age Championships Backstroke Rank 12
2018 – Lorne, Pier to Pub 1.2k ocean swim 10th Junior Female
2017 – Australian Age Championships Freestyle Rank 17
2017 – Australian Age Championships Backstroke Rank 17
2017 – Victoria State Age Championships Freestyle Rank 5
2017 – Victoria State Age Championships Backstroke Rank 9
2017 – Lorne, Pier to Pub 1.2k ocean swim 8th Junior Female
2016 – Victoria Open Water 2.5k Championships Rank 1 – GOLD
2016 – Victoria State Age Championships Freestyle Rank 13
2016 – Victoria State Age Championships Backstroke Rank 6
2016 – Lorne, Pier to Pub 1.2k ocean swim 14th Junior Female
2015 – Victoria State Age Championships Qualifier
2014 – Victoria State Age Championships Qualifier

College Goals:
Study hard, Swim strong and make life long friends at a great USA College. I wish to continuously improve my Swimming as I always have, aiming to become a highly ranked NCAA & Australia National swimmer. Importantly I want to be a massively valuable member of my College team. I am a Team Player. I love supporting my fellow team mates and enjoying the thrill that goes with that in both training and competition. There is no better place to do this than College in the USA as it sets a world benchmark. I wish to obtain high Academic results at College so as to set myself up for life. To be able to achieve all of that and to also achieve my Swimming goals at the same time is my dream opportunity.

Life Goals:
Maintain and develop life-long deep friendships. Save and improve the life of my fellow human beings through my knowledge. Always be kind, even when deeply challenged to do so.

Why do you want to compete at College?
The US College system provides outstanding Academic options for me while the Swimming facilities, team coaching and competition is the best in the world and enables me to reach my potential in all that I do.

What makes you different?
I am very well rounded in all manner of things and am a Student who has achieved much while also travelling which has provided me a broad outlook on life. I am a Student that excels in everything I do. I am an accomplished musician and I play the Viola in Orchestras and am qualified to teach that instrument. I can also play the Trumpet and Violin to high standards. Academically I am well rounded in Sciences, Humanities, can speak a little French, have studied Mandarin and can write & speak that with some fluency. Whilst I am Academically diverse and strong, I am also a great at networking, socializing and developing good friends fast. I am fortunate to share a wide network of friends from school, sport and music.


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