Many Cross Country runners worldwide can run an outstanding time over 5k or 10k, but this alone is not enough to ensure you will be seen by a College Cross Country coach. Be sure to have officially timed 5k and 10k meet times to strengthen your campaign in securing a Cross Country Scholarship. Maintain diversity in your running and be incredibly active throughout the Track and Field season. This will add further interest for Coaches when they are considering you as a future Student Athlete on their roster.

Your academic grades need to be considered too, as different Divisions have different Academic qualification criteria. Academic grades are the backbone of your College experience, perform well in the classroom and you can play on the team. High School grades and SAT exam results can be used to your advantage to secure a combination of Academic and Athletic Scholarship. To learn more about securing a Cross Country Scholarship to a North American College, please connect with us via

With the exception of 1943, NCAA Cross Country has conducted its annual championships since 1938. The national championships are traditionally held in November and consist of both individual and team events. Qualification for the national event takes place a week earlier through regional competitions.

For over 40 years, the NCAA Division I, II and III have all held their own national championships. If you are interested to learn more about NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA Cross Country Scholarships, please reach out to our team as we will be pleased to discuss this opportunity with you and evaluate where you may qualify.