Cameron Vinall

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Sports: Punter / Kicker + Track & Field Athlete
Date of Birth: 16th April 1999
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 185lbs
Citizenship: Australian
NCAA ID: 1807233687

Current University: University of South Australia
Degree: Construction Management + Economics
Student Status: Full Time / US College Fall 2020 Transfer Student

High School: Sacred Heart College, South Australia
College Class: 2020
GPA: 3.0+
SAT: 1050 (New SAT Maths, Reading & Evidenced Based Writing)

High School Grades, Studying SACE:
Biology B
English B
Geography B+
Physical Education B
Research Project A-

**New Kicking / Punting / WR Catching Film**

**New Punting Film**

**2019 Football Combine Test 40yard Dash & Agility Cone Drill**

Personal Best Times, chronological order:
Summer 2019 120m = 12.94 seconds (8 meter Handicap = 112 meter race)
Summer 2019 70m = 8.12 seconds (4 meter Handicap = 66 meter race)
16/02/2018 – 300m, 34.10s (22m handicap) Grass
10/02/2018 – 60m, 7.43s (No handicap) Track
10/02/2018 – 200m, 22.79s (No handicap) Track
04/02/2018 – 400m, 50.137s (22m handicap) Grass
25/01/2018 – 100m, 11.43s (No handicap) Track
28/12/2017 – 550m, 1:15.03s (30m handicap) Grass
28/12/2017 – 120m, 12.85s (7.5m handicap) Grass
23/01/2016 – 70m, 8.34s (2.5m handicap) Grass

**2019 Mens 120m grass 8.5 m handicap 111.5m total distance 12.66 seconds**

Video Highlights:

Punting Highlights

Achievements & Coaches:
2016 Bronze – Australian Surf Lifesaving Relay Championships
2016 Finalist – Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships Individual Sprint
2015 Gold – Bay Sheffield U18 550m (601yd)
2015 Bronze – Australian Surf Lifesaving Relay Championships
2015 Finalist – Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships Individual Sprint
2014 Gold – Bay Sheffield U18 550m (601yd)
2014 Gold – Australian Surf Lifesaving Relay Championships

Coach: Frank McHugh, +61 417 873 518 or

Education Goals: To earn a Bachelor of Project Management in Construction and Economics.

My Objective: To showcase my athletic and academic abilities in a different country, outside my comfort zone. My motivation and drive to excel in both the Academic and the Athletic field is immense. I will create a positive impact on the college I represent both during and after my studies.

Life Goals: To chase my dreams of becoming a professional sports person, continuing to excel and compete at the very highest level possible.

Why should a coach recruit you? I am hungry to travel to the United States, to compete at the best facilities in front of bigger crowds, taking on higher level athletes to continue developing myself. I want to be immersed in the United States culture and am excited at the truly international influence the US College system can have of my life.

What makes you different? I am physically and mentally different from my competitors, stronger in both areas always. I am more competitive than anyone I know, I am tall, well built with a great agility to run. This physical condition will only get better. I am willing to devote the ‘over and above’ hours before and after trainings or competitions, just to go the extra mile toward success, to stay one step ahead of the competition. I am highly organized with my studies, which will allow me to adapt into the US College system very well.

Alternate Sport Highlights:

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