Ben is an outstanding Student Athlete that will add substantial all round value to your roster!
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Date of Birth: 5th July 1997
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 160lbs
Citizenship: Australia

Personal Best Times:
Azusa Pacific University, NCAA Division II Meets
11.17.2018 – NCAA DII West Region Championships 10K, 32:17.56 – 45/169
11.02.2018 – PAC West Conference Championships, 25:22.30 – 8/77
10.20.2018 – Mens 8000m Invitational, 26:02.40 – 14/90
10.06.2018 – Lewis Conference Crossover, 25:32.90 – 30/282
09.15.2018 – Men 8000m Invitational, 25:44.10 – 74/172
09.01.2018 – Men’s Non D1, Club & Individuals, 26:19.90 – 20/180

Australian Results before leaving for College in the USA
18.11.2017 – QLD 5000m Championships, 15:39.73
02.11.2017 – UQ Sport Classic 1500m, 03:59.82
28.10.2017 – Gold Coast PB Series Meet #4 3000mSC, 09:49.56
01.07.2017 – Gold Coast Marathon Cup 10,000m, 33 minutes 34 seconds
05.12.2014 – Australian All Schools 2000mSC, 06:07.51
23.10.2014 – QLD School Sport State Champs, 08:51.78

Teams Represented, Achievements & Coaches:
Azusa Pacific University NCAA Division II
Multiple time QLD State Team representative in Track & Field and Cross Country
Darling Downs School Regional teams: Track & Field, Triathlon, Swimming and Soccer.
Australian National Track & Field Championships in 2000m Steeplechase in 2014
Australian National Cross Country Championships in 2014
Australian Coach: Tom Bradbury,
College Class: Available for Transfer now

Australian University Results:
Econ1010- 7
ECON1310 (Quantitative Microeconomics) – 5
ACCT1101 (Introductory Accounting) – 6
MGTS1301 (Introduction to Management) – 4
Overall current GPA – 5.5

Academic Goals: My academic goals are to graduate with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce & Economics or equivalent with a high grade level.

College Goals: I aim to be a complete student athlete. Achieving a high standard in both my academics and athletic results. My demanding schedule has allowed me to learn how to combine my current study while gaining results at national level. This ability will allow for me to integrate well into the college team I represent. I want to be the No.1 athlete on the team and will do what it takes to win National Championships.

Why do you want to compete at College? The level of competition and experience within the College system is second to none for athletes going through University. It is a great path way to achieving both short term and long term goals. It is also a once in a life time experience to be immersed in an environment with like minded people who wish to compete and consistently improve.

What makes you different? Through my life experiences I have learnt how resilient I am continuing to strive and achieve my goals whilst going through difficult conditions and times personally. I have been in multiple teams within multiple sports all at different levels which has enabled me to understand different dynamics each team presents and the ability to adapt to each situation in order to be successful. Through playing various sports I have a capability to work within a team environment or on my own to achieve a common goal for the team.