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Date of Birth: 5th August 1997
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 132lbs
Citizenship: Switzerland

Video Highlights:

Teams Represented, Achievements & Coaches:
2019-2018 Servette FC Chenois Féminin, Ligue Nationale A Division 1 or 3
2018-2016 Servette FC Chenois Féminin, Ligue Nationale B Division 2
2017-2016 Servette FC Chenois Féminin, 2ème ligue Division 4
2017 Winner Quarter-Finals of Swiss Cup vs. BSC Young Boys (NLA) with Servette FC Chenois Feminine
2016-2012 Team Mandement, junior years
2016 Winner Geneva Cup with FC Chenois Féminin
2016 First place of 2ème Ligue championship with FC Chenois Féminin and promotion into 1ère Ligue
2014 First place of 3ème Ligue championship with Team Mandement and promotion into 2ème Ligue
2013 First place of 4ème Ligue championship with Team Mandement and promotion into 3ème Ligue
2012-2008 FC Satigny, junior years
Coach: Eric Severac, Head Coach Servette FC Chenois Feminin
Email: Phone: +41 786779603

NCAA ID: 1808270792
University: University of Geneva (3rd Year Bachelor studying Translation)
High School Class / Graduation Year: 2016
GPA: 3.5+
TOEFL: 100
SAT: 1250

Current University of Geneva Subjects & Grades:
Language Analysis 4.5/6
Linguistics 5.75/6
Advanced Writing 4.25/6
Text Analysis 4.75

English and Spanish:
Languages Studies EN: 5.25/6
Languages Studies ES: 4.5/6
Culture and Society EN: 5.50/6
Culture and Society ES: 5.25/6
English Composition: 4.75/6
Spanish Composition: 5/6

IT and Work Methods:
Information and Communication Technologies 5.75/6
Document Management and Research 5.75/6

Translation Methodology (EN-FR) 4.25/6
Translation Methodology (FR-EN) 4.5/6
Translation Methodology (ES-FR) 4/6
Translation Methodology (FR-ES) 5/6

Introduction to Law: 4.75/6

Introduction: As a soccer player in Switzerland, I am highly motivated to join a US college team in order to get to know the country where this sport is so prominent for women and where I will be able to keep moving forward with my career path. I will not lose this unique opportunity since I always have the desire and the motivation to give my best in all of my academic and athletic engagements.

Education Goals: I am studying translation in Geneva so I am really interested in following studying any subject related with languages. I can speak Spanish, English and German and I would really like to improve my ability to speak various languages or to find any classes related with this field or with tourism.

Life Goals: I have always tried to take advantage of any opportunity that arises to me and, mostly when it comes to my sport if I manage to combine my studies, which are essential to me to maximize my chances of finding a suitable professional career, with my passion, I will never doubt about taking the opportunity. I consider I have a simple and sound mindset and I am willing to take some risks to achieve the best options that present in front of me. For now, I don’t know of what my future will be composed, but I do know that everything I will achieve will be thanks to my hard work and my great ambition.

College Goals: I have always been able to manage perfectly my schedule so that I always have sufficient time for my studies, even if I don’t have any free time for myself sometimes. I never failed an exam because of my sport obligations and vice-versa, I have never had to miss a game or a training because of my studies. I am proud of being able to give my best in everything that I commit and for that reason I think that time-managing in the US will not be my greater challenge. instead, I will take every measure to gain my place inside a team and prove myself as a key asset.

Why do you want to compete in College? I want to take the experience of playing in a college team to discover other visions of my sport. I know that I will learn many different skills that I will never be able to see in my country. I believe that I can reach a higher level if I just benefit of hard training and apt soccer facilities. Competing in such an environment is thus for me the best opportunity that I have never known and I could experience it surrounded with ambitious people who are as motivated as I am and who share my passion.

What makes you different? First of all, I know that one of my best qualities is that I am very generous in everything that I commit. I will always work hard and give all of me without any limit, pushing myself until the coach tells me to stop. I do it for myself of course, but mostly for the team, since I believe that a player belongs in the first place in a team and must think for the team before himself. Besides, I think a great player must never satisfied himself with his skills. It might be a shortcoming to say that I sometimes don’t believe enough in myself, but I am proud of this characteristic of mine. That is exactly what keeps me motivated no matter what happens, even in the bad moments.