Alejo Britez

Alejo is a wonderful young man from Buenos Aires who is strongly committed to Fall 2020 or Fall 2021 Track & Field at College in the United States. Since meeting Alejo when he was 15, he has dramatically improved his Running and his English/Academics. Alejo will be an outstanding member of your College community. To begin recruitment dialogue with Alejo, please email Ash on

Date of Birth: 12th September 2002
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 126lbs
Citizenship: Argentina

Video Highlights:
Alejo placing 3rd in striped top black on back, inside lane at finish line.
1:58.0 in recent 800m Buenos Aires club meet, 2019

Teams Represented, Achievements & Coaches:
2019 coming soon…Argentine U18 National Championships November…
2019 coming soon…National Cup in Buenos Aires October…
2019 4th in 400m 52.33, Juegos Bonaerenses in Mar Del Plata
2019 Buenos Aires Local meet 800m PB 1:58.0
2018 Argentina National U16 600m Record Holder 01:23.73
2017 Argentina National Champion U16 600m

Instituto Santa Maria Del Rosario, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Coaches Patricia Dicandia & Ulises Gonzalez:

NCAA ID: Coming soon
High School: Instituto Santa Maria Del Rosario, Buenos Aires, Argentina
College Class: 2020
GPA: 2.5
SAT: Coming soon

High School Grades 2nd Trimester Senior Year:
Art – A
English Language – A
Geography – A
Economics – A
Physical Education – A
Information Technology – B
Language & Literature – B
Christian Education – C
Ethic Formation – C
History – C
Physics – C
Science & Technology – C
Administrative Systems – D
Computing – D
Mathematics – D
Accounting Systems – E

Education Goals: “I want to combine my passion for sports and athletics, along with my interests in studying in the USA! In terms of athletics, I will bring leadership and intensity to my team”.

My Objective: “My demanding schedule between Athletics, School and extra curricular English lessons has allowed me to learn how to combine my current studying while gaining top results at national level. This ability will allow for me to integrate well into the college team I represent. I want to be the No.1 athlete on the team and will do what it takes to win National Championships”.

Life Goals: “Still early in life to have my future fully mapped out, but currently I have a huge passion for the English language and the Untied States of America. Having the opportunity to start taking classes in the USA whilst adding value to my Athletic team would be a dream come true”.

Why should a coach recruit you? “I love the competition and the environment to make me achieve the best. I love to play, and develop comraderie with my team-mates. I want to win. We did not grow up with the most amazing facilities and resources like College in the USA, given my chance to live, study and compete in the USA College system I will prove to that coach why they made the right choice”.

What makes you different? “I am a leader and I want to always encourage everyone around me to excel. I will work hard with junior players on the team and provide guidance not only on the track but off the track as well.