Aimee Benton – Fall 2023

Athletic, State Level, Tall, Long Goalkeeper from Australia Aimee Benton, GPA 4.0 SAT 1360 college ready for Fall 2023 Aimee is one of the State’s top Goalkeepers. Starting GK for Modbury Vista Soccer Club in the South Australian Women’s National Premier League.
To recruit Aimee, please email or call +61 437 557 024

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Coach References:
Coach Dr. Michele Lastella **Coach REFERENCE PDF**
Coach Kosta Jaric

Aimee’s Introduction Statement:
“I endeavour to pursue my dream of playing soccer internationally, whilst gaining a high-level education through college soccer. I strive to become a multifaceted member of society who will be ready for the challenges of life and beyond soccer. I have a desire to achieve great things and to help my teammates to grow and develop along the journey with me. I refuse to give up, and have the motivation and passion within myself to yield success. I am focused on what I can do today to make me a better, more well-rounded person tomorrow. I believe that US College holds the most potential for my development and will have a positive life-long impact on me”

Date of Birth: November 2nd, 2004
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 130lbs
Arm Width: 5’9″
Standing Arm Height (Single Arm): 7’4″
Standing Arm Height (Both Arms): 7’2″
Standing Vertical Jump: 18″
One Step Vertical Jump: 20″
Citizenship: Australia
College Class: Spring 2023 / Fall 2023
GPA: Current IB & SACE Student (GPA 4.0+)
NCAA ID: 2105164338
SAT: 1360 (PSAT)
Current High School: Concordia College, Australia

Junior Year High School:
GPA 4.0+
Physics A
Mathematics Methods A
English B
Food and Hospitality A
Religion Studies B
Visual Art and Design B
Personal Learning Plan B
Research Project A-

Academic Goals:
“I am very academically driven and I am looking to study architecture, however I am also interested in engineering and urban design. I love to learn and I am willing to keep my options open to a larger variety of majors that a school may have”

Teams Represented & Achievements:
WNPLSA Round 2 Adelaide University SC Player of the Match

U18 SA NTC Girls Program (All Year)
WNPLSA (Women’s National Premier League South Australia) Adelaide University Open Womens
WNPLSA First Team Open Womens Debut (Aged 16)

U17 SA NTC (National Training Centre) Girls Program (All Year)
WNPLSA Adelaide University Open Womens
WNPLSA Cup Final Runners Up
WNPLSA Reserves Premiers
WNPLSA Reserves Champions
Division 1 League Runners Up
Adelaide University Soccer Club Division 1 Womens Coaches Award
Adelaide University Soccer Club Division 1 Womens Captain’s ‘Saving Grace’ Award

U15 State Girls Team Program (All Year)
FFA (Football Federation Australia) National Youth Championship South Australia U15 Representative (July)

U14 State Girls Team Program (All Year)
WNPLSA (Women’s National Premier League South Australia) Reserves Open Womens Debut (Aged 13)

U13 State Girls Team Program (All Year)

U12 STIC (State Talent Identification Championship) Central Team
U13 State Girls Team Program (Oct-Dec)

Current Goals for College:
“The quote “to be the best you must train amongst the best” is very applicable for me. I want to be the best and I know that for that to be possible, I must be training in a professional environment like those of colleges. In college, I am aiming to develop as much as possible within the 4 years. I don’t just want to become a great athlete, I also want to become a respectful, knowledgeable, and kind member of society. I have already learnt so much from playing soccer at a high level within Australia, and I know that being immersed in a college environment would allow me to flourish even more.
My goals include:
– Building relationships with my teammates, coaches, teachers, and friends that will last a lifetime.
– Earn a degree in my course of interest so that I can pursue it beyond college.
– Win championships! All athletes want to win, and I am no different, except that I will be working for it even when no one is watching.
– Create lifelong habits that serve me well through my life, including with my nutrition, sleep, and knowing what it takes to be successful.
– Most of all, I just want to give everything I have. My mantra is ‘live for today’ and I want to be able to leave college and know that I have no regrets”

Life Goals:
“Since I began playing soccer when I was 9, I have always wanted to play for the Australian Women’s National Team, the Matildas, and would love to represent them in a World Cup. I want to play soccer at the highest level that I can, and particularly to travel and play internationally. I have a passion for travelling and desire to travel all across the world doing what I love most, playing soccer and helping people achieve social justice. My main goal in life is to make an impact on other’s lives for the better. I don’t know what the future holds, it could be completely different from what I imagine, but I know that whatever I am doing has to positively impact others”

Why do you want to compete in College?
“I want to compete in college because I want a challenge. I want to push myself and truly understand what I am capable of. The atmosphere of college is another big reason for my interest. I love being on-the-go and always doing something to challenge myself, whether that is through school or soccer. College provides the full package, learning every day on and off the pitch. College appears to be like a big community who all support each other, it seems like a very positive environment to be a part of. I want to compete in college because I know that it is the level that I want to play at, since it will challenge me. I will be able to bring all my skills, as well as my ebullient and lively personality to the team and together we can win championships!”

What makes you different?
“I always value honesty above all. I want to know where I stand and what I need to work on, no matter if it is hard to hear, because I know in the long run, it will only make me want to work harder and achieve better. My determination is always what makes me stand-out above others. I have never been the strongest or the fastest, but I have always been the most determined, hardest-working, most passionate and motivated; the first one at training and the last to leave. I am captivated by the possibilities through soccer. Everything I do, what I eat, when I sleep, I always have the nagging thought in my head ‘Will this make me better?’ Above all, I know that it would be a privilege to play college soccer and represent a team. I owe it to everyone that has sacrificed something for me to be able to have this opportunity; I will train and play for them”