Athletes Dream empowers young males and females, who possess athletic and academic abilities to “Live the Dream” and achieve scholarship opportunities in the North American College system.

Since the first Scholarship in early 2015, Athletes Dream has sourced, assisted and facilitated 88 student athletes from 8 countries and 17 sports in receiving scholarships in US colleges. A total Scholarship saving just over US$7.2m.

Athletes Dream works with young student athletes from 8th grade through to university age, typically 15 to 21 years of age and thoroughly assess each individual student both academically and athletically. We then determine their eligibility to apply for NCAA clearance prior to submitting detailed student athlete profiles to suitable US Colleges that meet the individual Academic and Athletic needs of each client.

Once evaluated, Athletes Dream presents various options to the student and their families, to determine the “best fit” in terms of specific US College placements.

The business of Athletes Dream is to empower young people to realise their full potential, academically and athletically, thereby changing their lives for the better forever. Ultimately returning to their home countries as university degree educated, high level athletes and business community leaders forever linked to the AD Alumni.