Schlicht Sibling Swimming Success; Full Scholarships to NCAA Div.1 Colleges

It really does not get any better then what Jemma & David Schlicht have been able to achieve in the last 6months; Being offered and accepting full swimming scholarships to NCAA Division 1 swimming programs University of Southern California Trojans & University of Arizona Wildcats.

Of course both David & Jemma are elite level Australian swimmers with sights set on making the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for the Australian National Swimming Team, however in order to receive these big time scholarships to big time NCAA Div.1 swimming schools they have had to perform in the classroom and jump through all sorts of academic requirements in order to meet the application / academic criteria of both USC & UofA, plus the NCAA Div.1 eligibility centre. Since USC, UofA and the NCAA all have different academic criteria for academic acceptance and sporting eligibility it has been a very complex process to work through, although both David & Jemma are taking the respective steps in being able to start college from Spring 2019 / Fall 2019 and be eligible to compete for their new colleges.

Jemma & David’s efforts not only in the pool, but also across their schooling, with Athletes Dream managing their recruitment campaigns has resulted in their family saving a potential $400,000USD in tuition, room and boarding costs while they attend USC & UofA to compete for elite level swimming programs and earn their university degrees from 2 very famous universities.

While Jemma was able to receive her scholarship from USC and accept from Australia her home country, David was offered 4 official visits to University of Arizona, Arizona State University, University of Denver and University of South Carolina before coming back to Australia and finalize his decision on choosing University of Arizona.

The success & magnitude of these 2 sibling swimmers’ recruitment process and achieving such amazing scholarship opportunities is hard to put in context! With so many variables at play during a student athletes recruitment campaign, to be offered and accept such amazing scholarships to 2 powerhouse athletic & academic schools is just an amazing feat.

We wish both Jemma & David fantastic college swimming careers in the USA and will anxiously look forward with anticipation in seeing them represent Australia at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!
(While having earned bachelors degree in their back pockets!) College Sports = Education & Sports Combined #dualpathway

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