Student Athlete?

Welcome Middle & High School Athletes, Coaches and Parents,

Since 2015 Athletes Dream has generated over US$10m in four year Scholarship value in 17 sports with a Scholarship Acceptance rate of 96%. Start 5 steps toward your Scholarship today.

Step 1.
– Register your interest by email to hello@athletesdream.com and tell us about your school subjects, grades, highest sporting achievements and include Sport Video Highlights.
– We will review your information and let you know exactly where you stand. We can schedule a Phone/FaceTime call to educate you with a realistic expectation and timeline. It’s in your best interest to begin marketing your talents to coaches aged 15 or 16.

Step 2.
– Do you have an SAT score? If not, please visit The College Board for practice questions/exams and to learn of your nearest test date and location.
– Is English your first language? If not, please visit TOEFL for practice questions/exams and to learn of your nearest test date and location.

Step 3.
– Create your NCAA Eligibility Centre account. Every Student Athlete must be deemed eligible by the NCAA to compete.
– If you are not deemed NCAA eligible as a Freshman, we will advise you on your pathway through the NJCAA or NAIA.

Step 4.
Athletes Dream can change your future, forever and for the better. Once we determine your eligibility from the first three Steps you will be ready for representation with your own website like this short list of examples Softballer Stephanie at Cal Berkeley, Golfer Joel at Illinois State, Softballer Jamie at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Golfer Jack at Xavier University, Swimmer Jemma at University of Southern California, Swimmer David at University of Arizona, Lacrosse GK Sharn at Jacksonville University, Runner Mitch at West Virginia Institute of Tech.

Step 5.
Be a part of the AD Family forever. Working together to earn your Scholarship is only the beginning of our friendship. We passionately follow our Student Athletes progress in University and we are here to offer sound independent advice throughout the duration of your Scholarship.

We look forward to shaping your life changing journey.