Steph Collett

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Date of Birth: 7th November 1998
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 135lbs
Citizenship: Australian
College Status: Transfer Student (Junior from Fall 2019)

2019 February Big Double PLay from 2nd to 1st Base

2019 January Diving 2nd Base play @ Short Stop

2018 December Hitting 3 bagger hit

2018 October Diving Short Stop play to 1st base

2018 Softball in Game & Skills Video

2018 U23 Australian National Championships:

Video Highlights:
2016 South Australian U19 Team Highlights

Teams Represented, Achievements:
2018 South Australian U23 Team at Australian U23 Championships
2018 NCAA Division 1 Scholarship to Morgan State University
2017 NCAA Division 1 Scholarship to Morgan State University
2016 South Australian U19 Team at Australian Championships in Brisbane
2016 South Australian U17 Secondary Schools Team at Pacific School Games in Adelaide
2015 South Australian U17 Team at Australian Championships in Canberra
2015 Aussie Sparks U15 Team
2015 Port Adelaide Softball Club U17 Champions (Pitcher)
2014 South Australian U17 Team at Australian Championships in Sydney

NCAA ID: 1602429636
High School: Seaton High School, Adelaide South Australia. Graduated 2014.
GPA: 3.25

High School Grades:
Biology – B
English – A
History – B
IT – A
Maths – C
Physical Education – B+

Education Goals: “To study a degree in either Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Human Movement or Psychology. I want to focus on the Human Body during exercise and the impacts made on the Human Body, but also want to study the mental health of Athletes and learn more about what increase or decreases mental performance. I wish to combine my sport with my academics for my career and inspire as many others as possible to achieve this incredible opportunity of College win the USA”

My Objective: “To obtain a high level Scholarship and make an impact! My interest to attend College in the USA developed from the U15 Aussie Sparks in 2014 when we were exposed to D1 and D3 Colleges and I could immediately see how different College life in the USA was to University in Australia. I want to combine my Softball with my Academics to experience College Softball, something most will not get to ever experience. My studies are important to me and it will be a fore focus to achieve the best grades I can before giving 110% on the Diamond”.

Life Goals: “My life goals are for now to make sure I am always doing what I love. Over time these passions may change a little, but if I keep myself involved with my two passions for now, Study and Softball, life will be great!”.

Why should a coach recruit you? “I want to compete in College because I wish to put myself up against the very best in the world for Softball. When we visited some Colleges in 2014 during the Aussie Sparks U15 tour, my eyes lit up and I knew College Softball was for me!”.

What makes you different? “I believe I am truly unique as I always thrive on high pressure situations and high pressure games. It has always been at these times that my best performances have shone through to lead our team at the time. Although I can be quieter off the Diamond, when out there playing I am very vocal and true leader. I read the plays well, evaluate the situations and know what needs to be done next, always looking the secondary outs. My running speed had been to my detriment in my early years, but I have placed huge energy into making this a strength! Above all else, I’ll always put the team first”.