Athletes Dream offers extensive and specific expertise in North American College Scholarship acquisition. Since 2015 we have saved our Alumni over US$6m in four-year Athletic Aid. Our team has experience in placing Student Athletes from all over the world into the North American College system as Athletic Scholarship recipients. With so many Academic and Athletic variables from client to client, Athletes Dream provides a truly case by case service with regard to the development of each North American College recruitment program for qualifying Student-Athletes. By sourcing and securing the best Academic and Athletic fit for each client, it is ensured they fulfill their potential on and off the sports field. College in North America is a life changing experience. Athletes Dream is at the forefront of the industry, and our team is here to assist your Student Athletes with their career aspirations.

We work with both male and female Student-Athletes from 8th Grade right through to University Transfer Students who possess a specific set of Academic and Athletic abilities. To immediately determine a Student Athletes eligibility, there are Academic considerations that are made before any Athletic evaluation. Athletes Dream can assist you with these full evaluations of High School and or University transcripts to help the Student Athlete and their family understand their options prior to committing to the service.

At Athletes Dream we maintain integrity in our work and stand by Our Values. These are similar values to what you will find instilled within many North American College Athletic programs.